Shared Hosting Agreement

1. Contact Person, Client Support:

All account types include free written support during the specified support hours. If included in the offer, free telephone support is also provided. Written support requests from clients are made via ticketsystem. For this, clients need to use their client access to client area.

In general, client support orders are included in the all-inclusive price of the product. Special support requests, not included in tuxVPS services, are only handled in exceptional cases. If more than 15 minutes' working time is required for resolving such issues, tuxVPS, after consultation with the client, charge a fee of 18,75 € (excl. VAT) for each quarter hour commenced.

2. Monitoring Services:

8. Process Monitoring:

To safeguard the security and stability of the server, a process monitoring system is in place which stops processes with excessive running times and/or RAM exploitation.

9.Installation of Additional Software:

The installation of additional software or libraries is not carried out by the support team. On request, a compiler can be made available for account types supported with SSH with which the client can compile the necessary software packages. This is the sole responsibilty of the client. There is no right to claim support services in this context.

The operation of additional software requiring root privileges for installation or operation is not possible.

11. Email Service Spam and Virus Protection:

Each email account has a server-side spam filter which can optionally be enabled for presorting suspicious emails into a designated folder. This folder is accessed via IMAP and Webmail. Emails which have been identified as spam are automatically deleted after a predefined time period. The filter strength can be adjusted by the client. In addition, tuxVPS operate a blacklist which temporarily or permanently blocks IP addresses that send spam emails. The blocking of single IP addresses can be deactivated manually by the client. Furthermore, tuxVPS use a virus filter for emails. Incoming emails containing viruses are not accepted for security reasons. The sender of the email is notified. The dispatch of emails containing viruses is prohibited.

Root and VPS Server Service Agreement

We strive to keep our networks operating at the highest possible level, so all of our clients benefit from it. Therefore the following actions are prohibited: